Auction Action: The Best Free Entertainment In Town!!

As an auctioneer, it always amazes me how few people have ever attended a live auction. Auctions are held regularly all over Worcester County and offer a wide variety of goods for sale, usually at very affordable prices. Most auctions even offer food (at reasonable prices) and some auctions also have homemade delicacies that are well worth the price in many cases.

Auctioneers come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and ages, but what matters most is their personality. It can make for a truly enjoyable evening if you get an auctioneer that is professional but also possesses a sharp wit and a good sense of humor. Need another reason to attend an auction? Where else can you go for free to experience comedy, get your dose of people-watching, see items that can date back to the 18th century, and be able to view new and interesting collectibles made in the 1980’s. Who doesn’t want to see a stuffed wild boar, a 1930’s toy dump truck, a Civil War rifle, turn of the century advertising signs, and much more, all in one place?

The furniture, glass, and china that is being auctioned right now is extremely affordable and you won’t be able to duplicate it at Crate & Barrel or the Pottery Barn. Nor will you ever find the same quality at such an affordable price. Now, I’m not saying that auctions are for everyone, but for most people it is a fun and enjoyable experience. And many people, after one attendance, can get the bug. The deals are great, the products are diverse, the entertainment value is like no other, and best of all, It Is Free!

Tired of the same old thing? Then give an auction a shot. You might even get to own that life-size statue of Ronald McDonald that you just couldn’t live without. Just saying – might make a great garden statue!! Check out RedMoonPie for more entertainment in the android world.

The Mad Hatter

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