Are All Auctions the Same?

Absolutely Not! There are many auctions in the central Massachusetts area to choose from and surely every auction house feels they can best represent you. We believe your choice should be Olde Tyme Stuffe. The following will tell you why:

  1. We provide personal, confidential and individualized service for all your needs.
  2. We don’t just accept your best items. We attempt to handle all of your items and address each consignor’s needs. Any auction can do well with high end merchandise but most clients have a need to divest of a variety of items and we can do that.
  3. We are the only major auction in the area conducting sales twice a month, twelve months a year. This assures the consignor a great live attendance as a well as a huge customer base to view your items.
  4. We limit the auctions to 350-400 lots per auction. The benefit is that your items are assured of being presented when attendance and competitive bidding are peaking therefore realizing the full potential value.
  5. We want you to remember that it is the overall prices realized for all your items that really counts. Many auctions advertise the highest prices for items they have auctioned but fail to mention that they will only take certain items and store them sometimes for months because they do not have a regular schedule or a committed following of qualified buyers.
  6. We at will meet with you at your convenience and provide you with an in-depth auction analysis of your estate. We also will advise you if an on-site auction, estate sale or other method of sale best suits your needs. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with an informed, thorough and honest appraisal of their specific needs.
  7. We use up-to-date software that provides for an accurate accounting system for both buyers and consignors. Both are provided with a detailed list of items sold in the auction.

Should You Auction your goods or sell them?

This is an often asked question and the answer is based on our clients’ individual situations and financial needs. The auction process takes longer but you usually realize more revenue for your items. In the event that you do not wish to auction your items, we are happy to offer a price for the estate or individual items. We would pay you upon pick-up of the goods. This method is quicker but you must allow for the fact that we (the buyer) need to make a profit as well. Whether you decide to auction your items or sell them outright, we are happy to offer either choice in order to fit your situation.

Every one of our auctions receives maximum exposure as a result of the following proven marketing efforts:

A professional flyer is printed for every auction and mailed to an extensive mailing list.

Flyers are also distributed to local antique shops, co-ops and other auction houses.

We are nationally advertised in the Antiques and the Arts Weekly.

We are locally advertised in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette

We continually update our website and utilize

We hold a full-day preview for every auction which results in more exposure, more left bids and phone bids.

We are members of the National Auctioneers Association, Massachusetts Auctioneers Association and the Worcester Chamber of Commerce.

We conduct free seminars for many church groups. We hold appraisal fairs at the Charlton Flea Market and Children’s organizations.

Our own gallery is conveniently located an hour or less from Boston, Springfield, Providence, Hartford and Manchester providing great coverage and visibility.

Helpful Hints and Suggestions Potential Consignors

We highly recommend that you attend one of our auctions before you consign items so that you completely understand the process.

Auction prices do typically realize the actual market value of an item. Many times, items will sell for more than fair market value or for more than the consignor expected. However, there are occasions when the item falls short of the consignor’s expectations due to: lack of interest, desirability of item, quality or condition of item, seasonal desirability, size of item, or any number of other reasons.

Please understand that the auctioneer does his best to realize the highest prices possible for each item. Clearly, the auction house realizes a higher commission the higher an item is sold for and therefore, we are always working in the best interests of the consignor.

For your benefit, we try to keep the auction interesting, efficient, and fair. We are running approximately 350 lots per auction in order to maximize your dollar per lot average and found this method to be successful. We have tried a larger number of lots and found that the lots at the end of the night were not bringing enough money. That situation is not worthwhile for either of us. Therefore, the bottom line is that we can only run so many items per consignor. The math speaks for itself

Since our inception, we have received very positive feedback in regard to our professionalism, efficiency, courtesy and our respect for buyers and consignors alike. Our auction is well advertised, well attended and well put together. We have been told many times that it is enjoyable and that it is obvious we love what we do. With your help, we will continue to strive to make our auction even better. References are available upon request.

We truly appreciate your consignments and continued support. We endeavor to present a quality auction and strive to provide the best possible services for our buyers and sellers alike.  Please call us for rates and appointments at (508) 752-5200 . Thank you!