Down the Rabbit Hole

You have reached the blog of 13 Hope Ave. Junction, a collaborative space that houses a consignment vendor cooperative, an auction facility, a mini-military museum, a boutique marketing agency (Paris Marketing), and many more things to come in the future.

I hope this blog will be your source for market cycles and trends, commentary on the hottest new collectibles, and information on nostalgic items that are capturing the public’s fancy. But until that first official blog article gets written (so many ideas jumping around like white rabbits in my head right now), feel free to drop on by and see all that we have to offer. It’s a whole ‘nother world in here friends.

Yours Truly,

The Mad Hatter

Down the Rabbit Hole is written by The Mad Hatter, an individual with an absolute passion for all things related to auctions, antiques, collectibles, and historic, odd, or unique items.

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